Dear Catherine

Tell us about your letter!: I love you so much. I love that you love animals and are so responsible. You take good care of Mabel and she loves you. Your so beautiful inside and out. You make good cookies and love junk food. Enjoy your travels in life and where they will take you, the world is yours do explore. I know you will do great things and be very happy. I loved high school and college it was the best. Your going to make great friends and meet nice people. You will see people who have less than you. I hope you appreciate what Dad and I have done for you. We try very hard, especially Dad. Will will try to help you as much as we can. I will work hard while you are away. You were such a cute baby you loved to sleep. I loved watching you sleep, so peaceful. I love that you and Julia are so close and will be friends forever. I will miss you very much. You have been my buddy. Check your surroundings for safety. Have the best time of your life. Have a great Birthday! Happy Birthday! I love you, MOM

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