Energizing Servant Ministry Parts 1 & 2

Tom McQueen is one of the most inspirational speakers in the country today. A former presidential advisor on children and families, a licensed marriage and family therapist and the author of numerous books, Tom is available on a very limited basis for presentations and workshops.

A few of Tom’s most popular presentations include:

Faith Presentation Sample:

Format: 45 minute presentation to day-long retreat

Faith, Family and Miracles: Experiencing the Passion and Purpose of our Christian Legacy
People of all ages and faiths are raving about the excitement, enthusiasm, and educational common sense that this presentation brings to their churches and congregations. Relying upon the ministry and the example of Jesus Christ, Tom engages his audiences as they discover how faith, family, and miracles can energize their lives today while leaving a meaningful legacy for their children and grandchildren in the future.

Family Presentation Sample:

Format: 1 hour presentation to day-long seminar

Your Family: Make it Real. Make it Fun. Make it a Miracle!

Families today are struggling today for their very survival. The time demands of work, school, and friends, combined with the economic challenges facing all of us make it imperative to re-focus our priorities. Does family really matter anymore? How do we achieve a balance in our lives? Is it possible for parents and kids to really be a hope and a help to one another today? In an inspirational and interactive presentation, Tom McQueen answers these questions and more as he offers simple, yet solid suggestions for making your family experience real, fun, and miraculous!

Business Presentation Sample:

Format: Half-day, Full-day seminar

Passion at Work: Ten Things Legendary Leaders Do To Improve
Performance, Productivity, & Profit

Based upon Tom’s book of the same title, this is a presentation that organizational leaders are not only talking about, but actually doing something about. If you’re concerned that your organization isn’t achieving a sustainable, competitive advantage in your market, then inviting Tom to work with your leadership team is a definite step in the right direction. Unlike “training seminars” that outline generic platitudes that don’t fit your organization, Tom tailors each corporate presentation to your specific goals and objectives and shows you how to implement strategies that work in your business while measuring and monitoring their success.

Speaking Requests
If you would like to inquire about booking Tom to speak at an upcoming event, please contact him at letterstoethan@aol.com.


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