Order a Legacy Plaque

While some parents and grandparents want to post their legacy letters online, others have asked if we could also frame a one-page letter (maximum 400 words), and return it to them so that they could give it as a gift for a holiday or special occasion to their child/grandchild.

For $24.95 (includes shipping) we’ll frame your letter in a beautiful 8.5×11 frame on Legacy Nation letterhead and ship it to you for your signature plus an extra copy for your records.

Order today and also receive a free autographed copy of Letters to Ethan: A Grandfather’s Legacy of Life & Love.

If you’d like us to frame your legacy letter, there are 2 simple steps.

1. Fill out the form below or email us your letter for framing to letterstoethan@aol.com.

2. Then simply complete your payment, and you’ll have the letter safely and securely shipped to you within 10 business days.

Order a Legacy Plaque


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