FAQ About Legacy Nation

What is Legacy Nation?
Legacy Nation is a national movement to encourage letter writing as a way to leave a legacy of faith, hope, & love in the lives of our children & grandchildren.

The letters can be private (written in your own home) or public (shared through this website), but this movement is meant to inspire more intentional action from Americans who want to ensure that they pass along a legacy of wisdom that their children and grandchildren can benefit from.

Whose idea was Legacy Nation?
Tom McQueen, a Christian marriage and family therapist, business consultant, coach, public speaker, and author, decided to start Legacy Nation as a way to get other parents and grandparents to become more involved in writing, recording, or video-taping a legacy for their children and grandchildren.

What can I do?
Do you wish your grandparents had left you more of a legacy that allowed you to learn about their hopes, wishes and wisdom years after they were gone? Would that wisdom have helped you in your life?

Legacy Nation was founded on the belief that words of wisdom—in the form of a letter or other message—can have a significant impact on the lives of our children and grandchildren.

How do I get started?
There are no rules for how you communicate your legacy to your children and grandchildren, but this movement is centered around the idea of writing letters to the next generation.

Begin writing your letters here.
You can either share them with the public on this site or simply print them out for your family’s benefit.


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