The Customer is WHY! 6 Steps to Creating Legendary Service in Your Organization

While you could fill a library with all of the books and articles written about customer service, Tom McQueen’s thirty-five page business booklet outlines a comprehensive service management system in six simple steps.
Heard about any customer service nightmares lately? Probably! People love to complain about the airline that lost their luggage, the restaurant waiter who totally ignored them, or the rude clerk who took forever to fill their order only to get it all mixed up.
While stories like these might be amusing, poor service costs businesses millions of dollars a year in customer defections and negative word-of-mouth advertising. Poorly trained employees, inefficient business processes, and a lack of leadership commitment have teamed up to create a twenty-first century culture of customer service mediocrity.

In this book readers will learn:

  • A simple, yet powerful six-step service management system that will increase revenues, decrease expenses, and maximize profits.
  • How to obtain leadership and employee commitment to exceptional customer service.
  • How to create those defining moments in your service environment that build customer loyalty.
  • The essentials of a training process that empowers your people to deliver legendary service experiences for your customers.
  • How to engage your employees in ongoing process improvement that benefits your entire organization.

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