Passion at Work: Ten Things Legendary Leaders Do to Improve Performance, Productivity and Profit

Passionate leadership is the dynamic force that will energize successful organizations in the twenty-first century and in this book Tom McQueen describes the ten things that legendary leaders do to achieve outstanding personal and professional results.

In our rapidly changing cultural and business environment, developing efficient, effective, and people-oriented leaders is an ongoing challenge for most companies and organizations. Tom McQueen has coached business executives throughout his entire career and in this book he outlines the 10 things that legendary leaders do on a daily basis.

In this business booklet you will learn:

  • Ten principles of leadership that are practical, productive, and profitable both personally and professionally.
  • Practical tips after each of the ten lessons that you can begin to apply immediately.
  • Examples from legendary leaders who already “walk the walk.”
  • A proven problem-solving formula that enables you to successfully manage any challenge.
  • Understand how organizational alignment impacts your leadership credibility.

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