Near- Life Experiences: Discovering New Powers for Personal Growth

While there are plenty of stories about people whose lives are dramatically enriched and enlightened when they have a “near-death experience,” Tom McQueen shows us how to achieve the same result merely by capitalizing on our everyday encounters and opportunities.

Do you feel that life is passing you by, that you are not fully experiencing the joys it has to offer? Living life to the fullest requires more than a “just get me through the day attitude. It requires that your values, intellect, will, and emotions be engaged to recognize and benefit from “near- life experiences,” those special times in life when you actually take a close look at who you are, what you believe, and how you live each day.

Near-Life Experiences clearly explains how to prime your consciousness to recognize these marvelous opportunities for personal growth. Tom McQueen illustrates how to integrate this intensely personal awakening into each aspect of life —business, marriage, family, community, and faith.

  • Identify and solve problem issues at the office by understanding how personal beliefs, perceptions, and trust affect the workplace.
  • Improve your family environment by using the My Personal Behavior formula to change attitudes and actions.
  • Reignite the spark in your marriage by identifying the strengths and opportunities for growth discovered in the Marital Intimacy Questionnaire.
  • Discover your mission in life by understanding God’s purpose for you and applying the discovery to your everyday life.
  • Make a meaningful impact on your community by employing results from the Near-Life Spiritual Growth Survey.

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