BayCare Coaching: Helping Our Team Members Learn, Grow, and Develop

In this fifty-five page business booklet which was an integral part of his work with the BayCare Health System in  Florida’s Tampa Bay area, Tom McQueen outlines those elements of leadership coaching that foster the professional and personal development of an organization’s employees.
It’s easy to write books and give advice. But how do we know that any of it works with real businesses and organizations? This book was written as a part of Tom McQueen’s involvement with the more than six hundred executives and senior managers of the nine hospital BayCare Health System. In this book you will learn:

  • The top five business coaching myths.
  • The top five business coaching responsibilities.
  • The importance of emotional intelligence and coaching
  • A coaching process that will help your employees to grow and develop while reducing costly employee turnover.
  • The Six C’s of successful coaching and how to employ them successfully with your people.

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