Letters to Ethan: A Grandfather’s Legacy of Life & Love
Letters to Ethan is a collection of personal letters Tom McQueen wrote to his grandson summarizing his life experiences and what he believes to be important in living a fulfilling vocation as a child of God.
These letters have universal application and highlight themes that form the building blocks of a healthy character.
Praise for the Book

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Near- Life Experiences: Discovering New Powers for Personal Growth

While there are plenty of stories about people whose lives are dramatically enriched and enlightened when they have a “near-death experience,” Tom McQueen shows us how to achieve the same result merely by capitalizing on our everyday encounters and opportunities.

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The Customer is WHY! 6 Steps to Creating Legendary Service in Your Organization

While you could fill a library with all of the books and articles written about customer service, Tom McQueen’s thirty-five page business booklet outlines a comprehensive service management system in six simple steps.

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Passion at Work: Ten Things Legendary Leaders Do to Improve Performance, Productivity and Profit

Passionate leadership is the dynamic force that will energize successful organizations in the twenty-first century and in this book Tom McQueen describes the ten things that legendary leaders do to achieve outstanding personal and professional results.

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BayCare Coaching: Helping Our Team Members Learn, Grow, and Develop

In this fifty-five page business booklet which was an integral part of his work with the BayCare Health System in  Florida’s Tampa Bay area, Tom McQueen outlines those elements of leadership coaching that foster the professional and personal development of an organization’s employees.

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Servant Hearts: The Legacy of the Dimmitt Automotive Group

Within the pages of Richard R. Dimmitt and Tom McQueen’s new book,readers will gain proven and practical insights for developing a business that has the support of its employees, customers, and community. The co-authors hope to communicate how a business can effectively infuse their employees with a servant’s heart.

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