What Do You Do With Naysayers?

So a friend of mine who manages a pretty large department in a manufacturing company in Buffalo calls me on the weekend and asks, “Do you have any bright ideas on how to handle the Naysayers I have in my office?

Let’s face it. Every company has its share of employees who hate themselves, their lives, and get up on the wrong side of the bed just about every day. For whatever reason, they choose to make themselves and everyone around them just plain miserable.

Here are a few of the Naysayer’s favorite downers:

  1. “Nothing’s ever going to change around here.”
  2. “It’s a waste of time to try anything new.”
  3. “Nobody really cares about anything in this company.”
  4. “I just come here every day, collect my check, and go home.”
  5. “This place is a joke. If I didn’t get paid, I wouldn’t be here.”

I suggested to my friend, Paul, some methods for handling the cancerous, negative energy of people who pollute their work environments while having a crippling effect upon organizational morale.

  1. Review your process for recruiting, selecting, hiring, and training new staff. Don’t invite negativity into your company just to fill a job.
  2. Make your leaders and managers accountable for creating a climate of trust and collaboration in the workplace.
  3. Have daily 5-minute “Energy & Engagement” meetings to review the successes and challenges of the day before and get excited about the day ahead.
  4. Focus on developing teamwork and peer-to-peer accountability. Rely upon your best people to not tolerate negativity from their co-workers.
  5. In the final analysis, Naysayers destroy company morale and cripple process improvement and productivity. If they elect to continue their naysaying and cynicism, grant them their wish and fire them.

“A lot of times people look at the negative side of what they feel they can’t do. I always look on the positive side of what I can do.”

                                                Chuck Norris 

©Tom McQueen, 2013

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