USA’s Newest “Nation”: Become a Citizen Today

If you’ve ever watched the NFL’s Oakland Raiders play football, then you’ve seen their rabid fans. They’re passionate. They’re vocal. And they’re fiercely loyal to their team in good times and in bad. They proudly refer to themselves as “Raider Nation.”

And while the Raiders popularized the “nation’’ within a nation movement in the world of sports, it hasn’t seemed to really penetrate other venues—until today—with the birth of Legacy Nation.

Joining Legacy Nation means that you’re committed to creating, protecting, and preserving the legacy that one generation leaves for the next. Joining Legacy Nation means that God, faith, and family are three of your highest priorities.
Legacy Nation is the action arm of the not-for-profit American Family Foundation whose mission is to enrich the lives of children and families nationwide and to support organizations that share a similar mission.

Based upon my book, Letters to Ethan: A Grandfather’s Legacy of Life & Love (Seraphina Press, 2010), we have a dual purpose:

  • We want to encourage and support parents and grandparents who visit our website to write a “legacy letter” to their child or grandchild. They can write the letter here and publish it at no cost. If we like your letter, we’ll ask for your permission to include it in my next book which will be a collection of legacy letters from around the country representing various themes and topics. More details and instructions can be found by clicking on the “Legacy Letters” tab on our home page.
  • We encourage parents and grandparents to join our Child Protection Technology team and partner with us in the fight against child abduction and exploitation. When you register  your family, you’ll receive a mini-CD containing the latest technology resources available to protect your children. The mini-CD is remotely programmable so that each month you can insert it into your computer and receive the most updated resources. In addition, you’ll be able to securely record information about your kids on the disc in the event of an emergency and update that information as often as you like.

The number of missing children reports in the United States is astronomical and shameful and we need to do something about it NOW. When you join our Child Protection Technology Team and receive your membership mini-CD, I’ll send you a complimentary, autographed copy of my book, Letters to Ethan: A Grandfather’s Legacy of Life & Love.
As a nationwide clearinghouse for information on child protection, the American Family Foundation is ready and willing to help families throughout the United States protect their children. Let us help you. Join today and receive your membership mini-CD and use it often. If you lose or damage it, we’ll replace it for free.

In writing Letters to Ethan, it was my privilege and pleasure to receive the endorsements of some of America’s most passionate and purpose-drive leaders in legendary football coach, Lou Holtz, Dick Vitale from ESPN and Rudy Ruettiger, inspiration for the movie, Rudy.

If we can adapt their passion and purpose as we partner to protect our children and families, then your membership in Legacy Nation will have had a profound and positive impact on the children that God has entrusted to our care.

Welcome to Legacy Nation.

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  • Dianehinze in Sebring, Fl

    I read the whole book last night. I was unable to put it down once I stated reading. You have a very good outlook on life.
    I told my daughter-in -law to have both of her boys read the book,It is fantastic reading and an awesome book.
    Thank you for writing a great book.

  • Jenne West

    My husband and I need to read this book so we can create a legacy of our own with future children. I think it’s a great idea to write letters to a young child so they can read later in life through the creation of words and feelings.