American Family Foundation

The American Family Foundation is a not-for-profit organization whose vision is to enrich the lives of children and families in the United States of America.

Its mission is to provide financial support to organizations in our country that strengthen and support the family unit which is the core of our society.

In addition, the foundation is designed to benefit worthy causes that assist individuals, church and community groups, and other institutions that strengthen the family unit.

Occasionally people will ask, “Why should I support the American Family Foundation when I can just give to the charity of my choice?” The answer is that a charity receives the benefit of fund-raising that can generate even additional revenues for their organization.

For example, the American Family Foundation has the opportunity to access a base of entertainers and performers who will perform a fund-raiser for your group. In addition, they have a speaker’s bureau that offers educational fund-raising events with all proceeds going to your charity. Their programs for children and families featuring Bart Rockett will not only create an excellent fund-raiser for your group but will bring nationally acclaimed entertainment and excitement to your area.

Where there is a need, the AFF responds. One recent projects involved helping a middle-aged mom who was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer and had to quit work because of the seizures she was experiencing and the treatment she required. The foundation was able to work with her colleagues to generate contributions with 100% of the contributed funds being passed through to her to help support her family.

An upcoming project will involve raising funds to support a Catholic home for unwed mothers that needs additional funding to provide services to those women who choose to have their babies but don’t have the financial means to obtain proper medical care and treatment.

As a young foundation in its formative years, it hopes to continue its growth as a credible and committed resource for children and families in our country by being a hope and a help to all of those who need assistance.

Tom McQueen is the President of the American Family Foundation.  LegacyNationUSA is the official website for the American Family Foundation.


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